Hi guys,

Just getting a list together of coaches and run leaders; so far I know about:


Name Picture Level & Course
Joan Clarke   Level 3 - Marathon and Race-walking
Ian Clarke   Level 2 - Endurance events
Andy Bernasconi   Leadership in Running Fitness



If you have any relevant running/athletics coaching qualifications please can you let me know. The groups are:


Name Picture Group Pace
Ian Clarke or Manjit Singh   Beginners (pace to suit all)
    Inbetweeners 12min miles
    Steady 10min miles
Phil Elwell, Paul Bradley & Andy Bernasconi   Intermediate 3 9min miles
Dave Sheppard, Tim Llloydlangston   Intermediate 2 8.5min miles
Steve Burch or Robert Woodward   Intermediate 1 7.5-8min miles
Duncan Cornish   Fast 6-7min miles



Many Thanks,

Dawn Nagle - SRC Coaching Co-ordinator