The Stourbridge Stagger and Stourbridge Stumble are our club races which we host each year, starting from Mary Stevens Park in Stourbridge.

The Stagger is an approximately 10 mile multi-terrain race which is run on a Sunday morning in February; it also incorporates a 7km ladies only race starting at the same time and using some of the same course.

The Stumble is an approximately 10k multi-terrain race which is run on a Saturday evening in August and uses part of the same course as the Stagger.  We also host a fun run in the park grounds which is completed shortly before the Stumble starts.

Bridge’ to ‘bridge via ‘port - An ultra & relay race – 34 miles alongside the River Severn and/or Severn Valley Railway to Stourport and the Staffs & Worcs Canal to Stourbridge.