Stourbridge Running Club will be hosting the first Bridge' to ' bridge via 'port on Saturday 16th September 2017.

I am now looking to sort out what marshals we have available.

We will need approx. 25 marshals, not as many as the Stagger or Stumble so runners are welcome to enter if they wish. Please see NEW RACE - Bridge to Bridge via Port for entry forms. It will save a couple of quid if you fill out these forms and return to me rather than going through event central.


A number of you have advised their availability. This is what I have so far:



Dave Sheppard

Rob Moore

James Bellamy?

Andy Bernasconi, Paul Bradley, Mark Farnan, Tim LL

Helen Evans, Lynda Dunn, Jean, Abby Smith

Steve Burch, Helen Bellamy and Angela Farley are available to run in a team.




Ian Clarke

John Harris

Stuart Hannan

Chris Massey

Brian Jones

Richard Dawson

Ian Whyatt

Duncan Cornish

Errol Cumberbatch

Ruby Ooi

Helen Hopkins

Sue Dukes




Chloe Pearson

Tim Bailey

Ann Kite

Jane Mott

Karen Otton

Jackie Bevan

Rob Colman

Roy Davis


Not available:

Joan Clarke

Rob Taylor

Ed Davies

Phil Elwell

Brigit Rigby

Terry Jones

Neal Woolhouse

Norman Smith


Can you advise if you are available or not for running or marshalling.


Also, does anyone have access to a minibus or large car? I have offered some teams transport between checkpoints. Each runner will pay £5 and this will be paid to the transport provider.


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