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Stourbridge Running Club were out in force this week at small, local races and bigger events further afield. Chloe Pearson was 3rd Lady at the Rat race man vs lakes, completing the Marathon distance obstacle course in 5:20:00.

At the Ironman triathlon in Bolton, athletes completed a 2 mile swim, 112 bike and 26.2 mile run. Matt Cooper finished in 11:01:01, Mark Higgs in 12:21:31, Tim Bailey in 12:59:07 and James Bellamy in 14:09:20.

Steve Burch
ran 100 km in Race to the Stones in 12:51:07.

At the Droitwich midweek 10km Trevor Osborne was first for Stourbridge in 35:17, followed by Robert Taylor in 39:16, Chris Ashcroft 41:08, Adam Crompton 41:43, Pete Walters 42:27, Alastair McIntosh 44:01, Rob Moore 44:03, Mark Lawton 44:45, Kevin Burke 45:23, Joan Clarke 47:01, Dawn Nagle 48:45, Paul Bradley 49:42, Steve Moss 49:49, Phil Dunn 51:07, Jon Taylor 51:09, Helen Bellamy 51:58, James Bellamy 51:59, Phil Elwell 52:56, Andy Bernasconi 55:54 and Lynda Dunn 56:43.

Joan Clarke
did the Fishbourne off road 5 miler in 41:01.