The Stourbridge Stagger, 7km Multi Terrain and Stourbridge Stumble are our club races which we host each year, starting from Mary Stevens Park in Stourbridge.

The Stagger is an approximately 10 mile multi-terrain race which is run on a Sunday morning in February; it also incorporates a 7km multi terrain race starting at the same time and using some of the same course.

The Stumble is an approximately 10k multi-terrain race which is run on a Saturday evening in August and uses part of the same course as the Stagger.  We also host a fun run in the park grounds which is completed shortly before the Stumble starts.

Bridge’ to ‘bridge via ‘port - An ultra & relay race – 34 miles alongside the River Severn and/or Severn Valley Railway to Stourport and the Staffs & Worcs Canal to Stourbridge.