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Joan's SPEED/HILL SESSIONS December 2017 to March 2018

Interval/hill training is as easy or as hard as you make it but the more effort you put in the better the results.

It is important to be able to judge the effort that you are putting in.

Try to measure this on a scale of 1 easy to 10 very hard 1/2 an easy jog [easy to talk not out of breath] 3/4 slightly out of breathe but still able to chat 5/6 puffing gently not able to talk easily 7/8 Breathing heavily not able to talk 9 breathing heavily and working very hard 10 100% effort not able to do anymore [may feel sick] The object of these sessions is mainly to build up endurance/stamina and also to maybe increase you speed. It isn’t necessary to use a watch for these sessions but it will help.  

Each effort must be done at the same pace.

This is so after a few laps it becomes harder to maintain the pace and after a few weeks it will be possible to run at a faster pace for longer. The interval between the efforts is also important because as in all our training if there is no recovery between efforts we have no energy or strength for the next Come and give it a go You may like it.


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