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Tim Lloydlangston will be running a series of training runs again this year - starting at 10 miles and getting a mile longer each week (with 4th Feb off as it's the Stagger). All routes are off road, so trail shoes are recommended (though not essential). Pace will be about 10-11 min per mile, and there are cut-offs should you wish to do a shorter distance. Start at 08.30 from the main gates in Mary Stevens Park.

Outline schedule:

07/01/2018 10 mile...s Fairy Nuff
Golf course, Dinosaur beach, Horsetail Bank, Joan’s delight, right onto Wagon Lane, Fairy Glen, Norton Covert

14/01/2018 11 miles Tree Hugger
Norton Culvert, Bunkers Hill Wood, Foresters, Prestwood Drive, 1 Wood, Bonded Warehouse.

21/01/2018 12 miles The Broome Handle
Golf course, Hagley School, Lyttleton Arms, Field House nursing home, Broome, Yieldingtree, Barnet Hill garden centre, Blakedown, Stakenbridge, Step Hill

28/01/2018 13 miles The Millions (my favourite)
Sewage works, Whittington, Kinver, Enville Hall, Blundies, Millions Wood, Prestwood nursing home, Foresters

11/02/2018 14 miles Clent Highlights
Golf course, Step Hill, Stakenbridge, Broome, Holy Cross, Clent church, Walton Hill, Four Stones, Wychbury Hill, Ham Dingle

18/02/2018 15 miles Barnett Fair
Golf Course, Step Hill, Stakenbridge, Blakedown, Barnett Hill Ridge, Yieldingtree, Barnet Hill lower path, Horse fields, Past Hurcott Wood, Fairy Glen, Bunkers Hill Wood lower path, Crem

25/02/2018 16 Miles Urban Jungle
Rufford Rd, the Stour at the viaduct, Cradley, Blackbrook, Saltwells Nature Reserve, Netherton Reservoir, canals to Merry Hill, Buckpool, Wordsley Church, One Wood

04/03/2018 17 miles You’ve Got To Be Kidding
Golf course, County Lane, Stakenbridge, Blakedown, Horse fields, Hurcott pools, Kidderminster, Canal, Fairy Glen, Norton Covert

NEW for 2018 11/03/2018 18 miles Can’t Cookley, Won’t Cookley
Sewage Works, Dunsley, Caunsall, Blakeshall, Hole Farm, Wolverley, canal to Cookley, A449, Whitehouse Farm, Waggon Lane, Churchill, Stakenbridge, Step Hill, Golf course.

18/03/2018 19 miles Twin Peaks
Golf course, Quarry Park Rd, Wychbury, Four Stones, Hagley Hall, Hagley School, Brake Lane, Horsetail Bank, Fairy Glen, Kingsford Park, Kinver Edge, Whittington, Sewage works

25/03/2018 20 miles A Bit Of Everything (4 Woods)
Norton Culvert, Fairy Glen, Kingsford Country Park, Kinver Edge, Enville, Millions Wood, Ashwood Marina, Ridgehill School, Yewtree Farm, Bonded Warehouse